The Neverending Meme

I am so sick of the “shit xxx say” meme.  It’s beyond overplayed.  But then…they made one about SF.  Which, of course, had to be shared.

This represents a subset of San Francisco.  Or a subset’s vision of another subset.  It’s guaranteed that everyone here will be offended by this in some way; it’s our style.  Secretly, we’ll know that there are universal truths in there somewhere.

Parking tickets and a fistful of change.  Following the Indian-Korean-Dim-Sum Truck on Twitter, waiting in line for an hour, and then spending double digits on two bites’ worth of food.  Only to realize, once you’ve housed it, the full extent of your foodie illness.  Continual conversations about Burning Man.  Probably, most representative: “So, I just found this great cleanse…but you can drink on it.”  That pause and sniff.  All the latest on everything Silicon because you always know someone who works at Google.  There are thousands of them, after all.  Finally, lost afternoons on a blanket, signifying nothing.


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